Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boring Bookkeeping ::yawn::

In my opinion, this is the downside of owning a business.

IMG_1334 (C&E)

Numbers have never been my “thing”  but for the past couple days I have been attempting to learn a new bookkeeping software program while logging in all of the tax deductable expenses we have incurred since we bought the house in Hooterville and started Windswept Farm.
Whew!   The receipts are endless and the numbers are staggering.
Fortunately, I have something to keep me fortified…
Iced coffee.

IMG_1331 (C&E) 

If I’m not back in a couple of days, please SEND HELP…
because I’ve probably been buried alive by all of the receipts  in this folder that I need to go through!

IMG_1343 (2)


Maggie Ann said...

I admire you ability to learn how to do all this, and I noticed the beautiful roses by your pc. Nice in the midst of toil.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow you sure are diligent Shari! I don't think I could handle that. BUT I LOVE your header. Gorgeous teapot :-)


Cindy said...

Ahh, my heart goes out to you, Shari, I had to do some of the book work when we owned a business and I really strongly disliked it!
Hugs, Cindy S.
Thanks for the note yesterday, did you ever see where I left you a comment, a couple of weeks ago, about how to make the very large clock that you liked in the PB catalogue?

ButterYum said...

Funny how we're all so different - I love bookkeeping. Numbers are definitely my thing. Computers, not so much, so let me do it the old fashioned way.


Diane said...

The is the ONE thing I do not miss from my business days.

Debbie said...

Hi Shari,

I actually was a bookkeeper in my previous life (BK) and loved it. Funny thing is I stink at math, however can work an adding machine real well!!~ I appreciate your opinion so very much on my blogging topic. I am very much interested in everyone's opinion. And yes I too follow blogs that they do not even know I exist, and that is fine because I am learning from them in the process. I have just seen and heard angst among bloggers and thought wow this is interesting let me hear what people really have to was great and I learned a few things in the process. I love blogging too, and of course know I miss commenting back on occasion, certainly not intentionally, and I think most people get that:)