Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Frosty In (Hooterville) Florida

For the past two mornings, the view out the back door of the house in Hooterville has looked like this. 


We’ve had freezing temperatures overnight and everything was covered in a blanket of frost. 


Like this past January, the farmers in the area have been watering their crops  all night long which, in turn, has depleted the water supply in the underground aquifer.  As a result, many residents who get their water from wells have  found themselves without water, including us.

Some days this city girl wonders if living in the country is all it’s cracked up to be.   Call me crazy and/or spoiled  but I really like the convenience of having water available whenever I want it so I’m not too happy when I turn on the faucet and nothing comes out, or the toilet won’t flush because there’s no water.   Fortunately, however, we have a very deep well  and about 40 minutes after the farmers were required to turn off their sprinklers, the aquifer had replenished enough that our well was able to start pumping water again.  Hooray!


Adrienne said...

I'm with you - this city girl loves her water! When we were first married we lived in a mobile home on my new in-laws ranch. Never will forget when the pump to the well froze many long, winter nights! Learned real fast how to lie down on my tummy in the well house, dip down to get water and carry it back to my tiny, little love-nest! Not for this older and wiser gramma. Shouldn't ever say never!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh Shari, that does not sound like fun at all. I can't imagine years back, when they didn't have indoor plumbing at all. My grandparents had a well, and I remember my grandpa always yelling when the pump would run. I had to wash my hair everyday, and I would sneak downstairs to the basement and wash it, lol!

Marilyn said...

Water is so precious and I can't even imagine my well not having water to use! Scary!

Hope the weather warms up for you and that the snow will come to Colorado where our wheat farmers need it here on the eastern plains.

May you and your family have a nice New Year. ♥♫