Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good-Bye My Cottage of Bliss

Little by little over the past 4 to 6 months, we have moved  the majority of our smaller belongings  over to the house in Hooterville

Tomorrow  morning, March 4th, the movers are scheduled to come and move  the large pieces of furniture for us. 

moving van-waving

It’s been a long, sometimes stressful, and very emotional journey to get there but, after Friday I will officially be a full-time resident of Hooterville.

The best way I can describe my feelings about this move to Hooterville  is “bittersweet.”

moving avatar

During the 35 years we’ve lived here, many memories have been made in this house—the cozy little home that is the namesake of my blog.  This was the first home my hubby and I bought.  A couple times through the years we considered moving  but we never did because we liked the neighborhood so well.  I think  I may have  mentioned  before that I also spent my childhood years   in this same  neighborhood,  living and playing just a mere 4 streets away, and attending schools in the immediate area.  Needless to say, my roots here run very deep and it is extremely difficult for me to leave this house and neighborhood without feeling some pangs of sadness.

IMG_0439 (E)

Good-bye My Cottage of Bliss.

You weren’t big or fancy but you were “home” in every sense of the word.   I’m sure going to miss you.

P.S.  Effective Friday, I’ll be off-line for an undetermined length of time until my blogging computer is moved and reconnected at the house in Hooterville.    See ya’ll soon!


Deb said...

Thinking of you...hope to see you soon!!

Marilyn said...

Best of luck with the big move. I can imagine how tired you are going to feel. I cried a little each time we moved, even though most times it was only a few miles. The biggest move was less than 10 miles, but the most work was only moving 1 mile! Take care and rest when you are tired! ♥♫

Marigene said...

Best wishes for your big move tomorrow, Shari...hope all goes smoothly.
I hope once you get settled into Hooterville you will feel better. I remember when I move from the east coast to the southwest, it was traumatic, but once I got settled, I loved I am halfway back to my roots in New England!

Kammy said...

Good luck and keep us posted !

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Shari, I know how hard this is. But you will have a new home, and I really think you will enjoy living out in the country. Especially since your daughter has her home right there too. It is sad to leave all those sweet memories behind, but think of all the new ones you will make at Hooterville :-) One day we will have to meet up at the Tea house in Plant City ;-)


Cindy said...

Ah, Shari, my heart goes out to you. I have no idea what it feels like to have roots, I have no place called home to look back on. I grew up in several different neighborhoods and towns and houses. I don't really have any roots anywhere, I wish with all of my heart that I did. So I know it must be very difficult for you to pull them up. You have such a beautiful home to move into, though, I'm sure you will enjoy that very much.
Hugs, Cindy

Willow said...

Good luck in the new home. I know what you mean when leaving a home that you first got and your kids grew up in. So sad at first, but you can look at it as another beginning to make new memories at the new one. Take care.