Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some of This and Some of That (A Post of Randomness)

These first three weeks of September have been much like August for me.  I’m still  spending a lot of time in the veterinarian's office, particularly with Bo.  We are really saddened by  the continued and rapid deterioration in his health.

IMG_3590 (C&E) 

In a previous post, I mentioned Bo had a  hematoma in his left ear flap we were dealing with.   We ultimately had a second opinion from another vet and he placed a small cannula in the inner ear flap.


At least once a day for about 10 days, we had to unscrew the cap and drain the blood and serum that would accumulate  in the ear flap.   The very same day the cannula in the left ear came out, Bo developed a hematoma in the right ear so it was back to the vet to have a cannula  placed in the right  ear and our daily draining and bandaging ritual continued for another week.  The cannula was removed from the right ear a couple days ago and much to our dismay, that ear flap seems to be filling up again.  Darn hematomas!

Despite our hopes the acupuncture treatments Bo has  been getting might slow down the progression of his degenerative myelopathy, it doesn’t seem to be helping.   At least he doesn’t appear to be in any pain.  In fact, it’s probably just the opposite; he’s losing the feeling in his hind legs.  His  left rear leg is becoming particularly weak and pretty much useless a large percentage of the time.   The slippery laminate floors I have in part of the house are further contributing to his difficulties in walking so in an effort to try to give him a little stability, I bought some  throw rugs to put down in the traffic paths but they  have been only minimally helpful. 


While most of the bloggers I have been visiting  seem to be excitedly decorating for fall, I am sooo not ready to let summer go.  Inasmuch as my heart is longing to blow this country town and head off for  an extended  trip to the beach,  I guess it’s not so surprising that in my free time  I’m playing around with sea shells instead of pumpkins.

IMG_3586 (C&E) 

I piled some white shells on a glass cake pedestal.

IMG_3584 (2)

After I hit a pair of old pitted brass candlesticks  with  some white spray paint, I placed the shells and candlesticks on my new-to-me  Craigslist dining room table.   

IMG_3595  (C&E)

If hanging a dream catcher is suppose to  protect against nightmares, will decorating with  shells slow down the exit of summer?  I can only hope.


Bertie Higgins is  hosting a  Florida premiere showing  of  “Tango’s movie”    in Palm Harbor, Florida on  two nights,  October 5 and October 6.    Many of the movie’s scenes were filmed here on the west coast of Florida ( in Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey and Palm Harbor)  so if anyone in the Tampa Bay area is interested in seeing it, you can email me for the details of the premiere location and time.


Of course, my daughter already saw the movie in July when she flew out for the California premiere.  Just as I suspected, she said Tango’s scenes were really short but nevertheless,  I’m anxious to now have the opportunity to see the movie. 


I have made some significant decorating progress in my family room that I would like to share but until  I have some free time to take photos, here are a couple teaser photos of my inspiration.



Pottery Barn seagrass chairphoto source:  Pottery Barn 


Deb said...

So sorry about Bo...

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I am so sorry to hear about Bo. Does the Vet know why he continues to have the hematomas?? You know living in Florida, it is always hard to let Summer go. I always end up decorating for fall way too late, because then, before you know it, it's Christmas :-D

Jocelyn @

Pink Roses and Teacups said...


sorry to hear that Bo's condition is not improving. So sad. I will continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Can't wait to see pics of your family room makeover! Dreary and rainy here in NJ. Connie did a great job on my blog! Everything seems to be normal again!

Sylvia said...

So sorry to hear about Bo. Our first "child" was a GSD and we love the breed. Ginger was a wonderful companion and loved our son from his birth. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Prayers for Bo and for his family.

Kathleen said...

I love the beach style you have created. I am near the beach on the West Coast of Central California and am just getting ready to paint all of my old, dark oak furniture. Your Stanley pallette blog arrived just in the nick of time!
I will let you know how it all turns out.