Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not Ready To Say Good Bye…Part II

I know many of you love the fall months and have already started putting out the fall decor in your homes  in anticipation of the change of seasons. 


Personally,  fall is my least favorite time of year. 
There is no real obvious change of season here in Florida where I live.  We don’t get the pretty changing leaves and it will probably remain quite warm  for several more months.    More often than not,  we are still wearing shorts at Thanksgiving and the air conditioning is still on.  Since I enjoy warm weather over cold, I actually don’t mind that.
I am happiest when the summer rains have turned the trees and grass a beautiful lush and  vibrant green, and flowers are blooming abundantly.   


But it won’t be long  before almost everything green and colorful will slowly become a dead shade of brown.   Ick!
Once the fall months arrive, I also miss those longer days of summer and sitting on the porch swing after dinner until the sun dips below the horizon well past 8:30 p.m. 
IMG_2105 (C&E)
When  we turn the clocks back an hour and  are no longer on Daylight Savings Time, it will be dark by 6:00 o’clock.   ::sigh::   It makes me feel like I should be getting ready  for bed…before dinner is even served or the dishes are done!
Another reason fall does not excite me… I am not particularly fond of the traditional autumn colors of oranges, deep burgundy, browns, and golden yellows offered in clothing and home decor.  Blah.   No offense intended  to those of you who do love those colors.  They just aren’t “me.”   I’m not comfortable wearing them or living with them.
My home is decorated mostly in a pastel color palette so it is next to impossible to incorporate the typical decorations of  scarecrows dressed in their autumn finery, Indian corn, acorns,  orange pumpkins, etc., into my home.   I am “fall decor challenged.”


No, I am definitely not ready to say good-bye to summer yet!



What about you?


~Caro~ said...

I've always said that fall is my favourite season, and in a way, it's still true. But it seems that the more I get older, the less I like it?! lol!
I'm in Montreal, Canada, so we get the beautiful colours. But those do NOT LAST LONG!!!
In september, we get the temp drops, but the leaves are still green. So while it "looks" like summer, it doesn't "feel" like summer anymore!!
Early October, finally we have the gorgeous colours. The air is cool, we like to go walk with a light jacket and scarf.
But by the last week of October, boom, the leaves are ALL gone.
So what is left is completely bare trees. Spooky. We were able to enjoy the colours for about 3 weeks.
Now the UGLINESS starts.
November through mid-December is my least favourite time of year.
It's COLD, but not cold enough to snow. SO it RAINS and RAINS and RAINS. No leaves, no greenery, no beautiful autumn colours, and even the grass is disgusting!! Everything is.... GREY!! Yup, that's what fall is, here.

That's why people in Canada are not so depressed when the snow falls start! Because snow is much better than that dull, depressing GREY everywhere!!

Lisa said...

I like the change. But I see your point about the colors. My birthday is in Nov. and I've always hated how dark everything is. But for the past 3 to 5 years I am really getting in to the cahnge. I did feel this way this year though I just wasn't ready for it to be dark. But it is by 8pm it is totally dark and I feel more like it is that time of year to hibernate. I have gathered books to read so I'm setteling in!
Keep your pastels. I'm doing a pink Christmas!
Hugs, Lisa

Bunny said...

Hi I love the change in seasons but would be happy to skip winter, we have a lot of snow here in Canada and there are days when it is too icey to drive walk etc. Although it is nice to sit by the fire with hot chocolate. etc. Nice to meet you. Oh I love your shells they are wonderful

Pauline said...

I am so with you on this. I am definitely a summer person :o) In winter, it's dark at just after 4pm, here in England. It's wet and miserable too. I suffer from SAD, (Seasonal Affected Disorder). I'm praying that this winter wont be anywhere as bad as last the last one, where I could hardly get out of bed most days!!!

Cindy said...

Ohhh, I hear you, I love the summer so much. But, we have not gotten any summer this year until last week! So we have been really enjoying the last few days. It sounds like we may have a nice warm fall here in Winnipeg, Canada, so I am not saying good-by yet either! Hugs, cindy S.

Carol @ The Roseberry Cottage said...

Shari, being a Florida gal too I have to agree that summer is my favorite time of the year also. I hate cold weather and love the beach so what's not to like about summer :-) I don't really care for the fall colors either, I'm a pastel kind of girl. We even have a pink pink & white Christmas tree!
Hope you had a good Labor Day weekend.

mah said...

Oh how I HATE summer!!! If we could just skip it and keep the early days of Spring or Fall that would be perfect!!! Oh well. I have lived in Fl almost all my life and summer is always a bummer!! Aren't we glad we're not all alike!!!! I love your pastel home and I can imagine what a terrible thing to have to mix fall colors with your beautiful soft colors.