Thursday, November 19, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter (Sort Of)

This little cowgirl all decked out in the cowgirl hat and fancy chaps is me at approximately age 4.

Shari (approx 1957)

I was visiting my grandmother when a man came through her neighborhood offering to take pictures of children on his  pony.  Even though this was more than 50 years ago, I still very vividly remember this event, as well as my excitement over being on a real, live horse for the first time.


This precious little cowgirl wearing an eyelet trimmed denim skirt, boots, and her hat at a jaunty tilt in the photo below is my daughter at age 4. 

Kelly (Jan 1987) sepia

A shopping mall in a neighboring city was offering pony pictures.   That happy grin on her face should have been my first indication that this would not be the last time she would be on the back of a horse!
After we were there the first time, my daughter relentlessly begged me to take her back to the mall the next day so she could “ride” the pony again.  That should have been my second clue that I had a budding equestrian on my hands!
 Throughout my childhood,  an occasional pony ride at the fair or on a brightly colored carousel horse  was pretty much the extent of my horseback “riding” experiences and I soon outgrew my excitement over horses.
On the other hand, in the 23  years since that photo of her on the pony was taken,  my daughter’s  passion for horses has never waned. 
Not.   For.   One.   Second. 
As a small child, she has always had a special, extraordinary love of  all animals but, as the saying goes, she really  “eats, sleeps and breathes” horses. 
She  started taking weekly horseback riding lessons at age 9.  
IMG_0005 (C&E)
IMG_0002 (C&E)
She was 13 when we bought her first horse. 
IMG_0001 (C&E)
At 16, we bought her a second horse.  Even through those potentially troublesome teen years, the only place she ever wanted to be was at the barn, riding her horses. 
Primarily she rides English (Hunter/Jumpers)…

DSC_0503 (2)

tango (C&E) 

Benson QH Ice 1 (E) 


But she has been known to throw on a western saddle and cut a few calves too.
l_d56028ec06c11102d4e8ffd3f1869429 (C&E) 
l_1fe849a73c8df76eee054849162a796a (C)
She also loves teaching other little girls all about horses, horse care....(like routine deworming with oral paste dewormer)…camp22 (2) 

…and how to ride.



Although she has certainly tried many times to make  working with horses a full-time job, living in the city has made it very difficult and almost cost prohibitive.   However, the 30 acres and 3 barns at our new  house in Hooterville  will give her a place to establish her own business of buying, training and selling horses, running a boarding facility, and giving riding lessons on a full-time basis.

Every time one of her riding students wins their first ribbon at a horse show (like in the photo below), she truly experiences a genuine thrill so my heart swells with love, happiness and pride that she will now be able to make horses her business and share her passion of horses with others on a full-time basis…especially horse-lovin’ little girls.
This is why I am so willing to move away from  My Cottage of Bliss in the city for a more rural life in Hooterville.
And who knows… with horses in my own backyard, perhaps I’ll rekindle my excitement over horses. 
Maybe I’ll even decide to ask Daughter to teach her old mom how to ride! 



Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. I love horses too. My Daugther does not have the love of them as I do, but my Daughter-In-Law does and owns a horse herself.


ButterYum said...

I grew up in NYC. There was a bank on a corner near our neighborhood where a man would stand with a pony and he'd take photos of kids sitting on the pony, so we had one taken of me and my brother. Later my grandmother showed me the same photo of my mother and grandfather when they were children... both taken on the very same corner.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Your daughter is an amazing young woman! She will do well. My youngest daughter took riding lessons when she was 13 and loved it, she still loves horses but she lives where she can not have one and with work and all its just one of the dreams that are still out of reach for her at this time, her husband grew up riding and he too dreams of the day for them to own a horse and property.
Take care and keep us posted how she is doing.

Mary said...

Shari, this is awesome! I knew there was a reason for you buying the horse farm/ranch...and being the loving mom that you are, you would do anything for your daughter. To help her have her dream come true must make you feel absolutely wonderful, and you will love that house and ranch because she will love it! I'm excited for her and for you...I can already visualize the home you will create for hubby and daughter, and that will be your joy. Plus, knowing that you still have the city house doesn't hurt any, either!

Your daughter is beautiful on the outside, and I'm sure she is on the inside, see those photos of her with the horses and with the children just warms my heart so much! I hope you do rediscover riding...I think it would be great, and who knows, we may not be able to drive our cars in the future...and we'll all be on horseback!

My granddaughter also is a horse lover. She wants to own a horse ranch someday, way out in the boonies somewhere. Her parents, my son and dil, will not help her achieve that dream, but we might, if possible...I keep telling her to keep her dream alive, and it will come true someday...never give up on it. She doesn't know it, but we've decided to buy a horse for her 18th birthday, which is 2 1/2 years from now...we're starting a savings fund so we know we will have the money set aside for it. I'll ask you for help when the time comes...I know less than nothing about horses!

Hope your painting is coming along, and that you've selected carpet and wood...can't wait to see more photos!

Take care, sweet friend...God bless!


Charlotte B. said...

These pictures are wonderful! I remember when a man came to my house with a horse to take a picture when I was a little girl. I think it was the same horse!

Your daughter is beautiful! What a wonderful gift of love you and your husband have given her by helping her follow her dream!

The Green Pea said...

Your daughter is a beautiful young lady, I can see she loves to work with children. She will enjoy her work because she loves what she is doing. You are wonderful parents to help her with her business. I hope that you all have fun with her new venture. God Bless all of you. sandi

Cindy said...

Your daughter sounds like a wonderful young woman. She is probably very down to earth, is she? I lived in the country around horses for many years and always wanted to have one of my own. That never did happen, but i am very excited for your daughter and think it is so wonderful that she has parents that are helping to see her dreams come true. That is just so wonderful. Bless you and your husband, hugs, Cindy S.

Sue said...

You could be writing about my niece. i remember going to watch her at her first lesson and as soon as she sat in the saddle and rode away I turned to her mum and said.."You better start saving" She has a natural seat and great posture.
This Spring she won Provincial Champion HJ Short stirrup. We were so excited for her....the trophies are starting to spread out around their house. LOL.
Your daughter must be thrilled!!!

Wendy said...

That is awesome! I miss riding. We have room for a horse, but havent gotten one yet. Im sure she is thrilled!

DV-Becca said...

Thank you so much for checking on me- I have been ill- with more than the doctors thought- but I feel I am down to the last few months before I am back on my feet :)
I love your new ranch house, but this post is amazing and really got to me. Parents like you are rare, and I love that you are willing to leave the city to honor your daughters calling with horses. You have such a beautiful talent for decorating, thanks for sharing this blog.