Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tractor & Carpet Shopping

Hubby has been looking for a BIG used tractor with a BIG scoop on the front  to use at our property  in Hooterville so today he and I took a  drive a couple hours north of the Tampa Bay area to Ocala, Florida to preview some used farm equipment that will be auctioned off this Friday.


The lobby of the auction house had several of these floor to ceiling display cases filled with all types of model tractors.  I bet little (and big) boys go nuts when they see all those tractors.


Hubby only found one tractor that would meet his needs but unfortunately, it was already sold  so he will continue shopping.



Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide on carpet and wood laminate flooring.   I find it so darn difficult to chose a color because the colors always look so much different on a larger scale than they do in the little display swatches in the store. 


Hopefully, I’ll have some more photos of the progress on the house in Hooterville in a few days.


Pinky said...

Hi Shari! I just FOUND your blog so am new but hope to follow you now! I don't have a blog but am on RMS and saw some comments you made there so decided to stop over!!!! I agree that choosing carpet is HARD, the colors can look totally different in your home....AAUUGGHH:):) Let us know what you decide! XO, Pinky

Mary said...

Oh, Shari, I don't envy you having to choose carpet! Maybe you should do the laminate wood flooring throughout! Are you using the same sofa, etc? Maybe you can match it that way...that's a toughie, but I KNOW you will get the right one!!!!

Too bad about the tractor...that just means there's a better one out there somewhere for hubby!

Hope things are going good and you're making some progress! I cannot wait to see how it looks when you're is going to be beautiful!

Take care...God bless!


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Mary,
How fun to shop for "FARM' equipment. You are right all boys would enjoy the toy tractor display. You are really running into new adventures.
Rug shopping has always been hard for me too. The colors never look the same, I guess its the dye-lot.
I have the wood laminate floors and we love them, very good for high traffic areas.
Have a wonderful day,

mah said...

Good luck! I would do wood flooring not laminate. Of course carpet is nice in bedrooms, but wood is so much easier to decorate around and to keep clean. Is he gonna wear a tie and coat while he drives around on his tractor? Ha! Are you having fun yet? Sounds like it.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

OMG, I have a very good friend in Ocala. You would love her.

I can't waite to see pictures. The looks like it's wonderful.