Friday, February 26, 2010

Farm Tables

Have you seen this publication on the newsstands?

IMG_Cottage Style

When I was in the grocery store last week, I quickly flipped through it and  was absolutely smitten with the lovely cottage rooms featured inside so I tossed it into my shopping cart. 
Once I got home, put the groceries away and had time to sit down with a cup of tea,  I picked it up to take a closer look.    I was surprised to see  the  ONLY advertisements  were inside the front and back covers so it’s actually more like a soft cover decorating book than a typical ad-laden magazine.    One hundred forty-four pages of nothing but cottage style inspiration (which made me feel a little better about paying the $9.99 cover price)!
In my recent laundry room post,  I mentioned how I thought I might like to use a small old farm table in the laundry room  at the house in Hooterville  to fold clothes on.    Let me tell you, there were plenty of  gorgeous farm tables with loads of charm in this publication!  It was farm table nirvana! 
Here are four of my favorites.  Of course, the overall style of each room in these photos  isn’t too bad either!

farm table 1 Cottage Style

farm table 3 Cottage Style

farm table 4 Cottage Style

farm table 2 Cottage Style

Seeing all of these pretty farm tables really got me more inspired than ever to find one for the laundry room so this week  I went out scouting  at a few local antique stores.  I saw several possibilities but nothing that really WOWED me and made me fall in love until…
I saw THIS!

IMG_1287 (C&E)

Admittedly, it did look a little grungy but I thought with a good wipe down  it should clean up nicely.  Overall, everything about it was just about perfect, including the size.
My  absolute favorite part was the wood top.  I just love  the old worn patina it has!  


And although I don’t usually go for furniture with paint that is this chippy, I have to admit there was something that got me right in the heart when I saw the different layers of paint.   I’m not one to usually hesitate to take a paint brush to most furniture but I think even I could have trouble painting over the all of the history here.  Notice the  turquoise paint showing through, which would look great, I’m sure, in my aqua laundry room.

IMG_1287 (closeup)

I couldn’t find a price on the table so I asked the antique shop clerk about it.  He didn’t know the price but  said he would be glad to  contact the owner of the booth and call me back.
The answer…
It was for display purposes only.
Booooo hoooo hoo!  I’m so disappointed.
My quest for a farm table continues.


Adrienne said...

That's too bad! I think sellers should always make their display pieces so you know at the moment and keep looking elsewhere. Don't give up - you'll find another one that will be just the perfect table for your laundry room!

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting a farm table just like the one with the parsons chairs. I have to go right out and buy that magazine today. Hope all is well with you and the Hooterville house.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such a great table. I know you were disappointed. The right one is just around the corner, so keep looking. Hugs, Marty

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a great table. I love the look you are going for. Keep searching, you will find the perfect one along the way.


Sami said...

They really should mark things that aren't for sale. Good luck in your search.

I picked up the same magazine and have poured through it, too.

Sami G.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh no!! That is just too sad! I hate it when I really love some thing and it's not for sale! That was a really perfect little table. I would have wanted it, too! I hope you find another one that you love soon!

Lottie said...

Keep looking! The right one will find you. I stopped into a thrift shop one day just to see what was there and came upon a table similar to yours painted green. It was $35 with a big scratch on top. I bought it, put a pretty table cloth on top and it fit perfectly in my kitchen. In fact, if I ever sell my house, the table will stay because it fits so well. Best of luck Shari! You never know, the owner of your table may change their mind one day. Have a great week!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

I love these tables! The first one, and the rustic one are my favs. Looks like you found some great things at Goodwill too!


Jenny said...

Beautiful farm table. Beautiful blog. Doesn't that make you crazy when it is NFS! Acccckk!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Shari,

Oh my word , I feel your pain!! I was following that along thinking you were about to bring it home and then bam! I know how you feel, that happens to me alot , but hang in there, another will come along :)

I adore that magazine, lucky you , I wish I had it to read tonight! Do you know who prints it? I haven't seen that one. The one I thought it was, is out of print, but that one looks new?

Anyway, Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving such sweet comments!

Hugs,. Cynthia

Maggie Ann said...

One thing I noticed again and again about these serene rooms, no clutter! That's a challenge for rooms look lovely until I leave a few things lying about. I guess that's where daily 'pick-up' comes in. I'd love a coffee table piled high with books and magazines, but have surrendered to a runner & bouquet that is restful, ordered, and a bit formal. The bedroom is more country but still does not allow to much freedom to leave things scattered about. Because of the size of the rooms I'm thinking. Decorating is a steady passion of mine too.