Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainier Cherries

Have you ever tried Rainier cherries?  They are one of my favorite summer fruits and June is the peak month for them.
IMG_1716 (E)
The best Rainier cherries are large and firm.  Since they are considered a  “premium” type of cherry, they are  somewhat on the expensive side but usually worth the price, if only as an occasional treat/splurge.  Of all the cherry varieties, Rainier cherries contain the highest percentage of natural fruit sugar so they are almost always exceptionally sweet and tasty. 
What is your favorite summer fruit?


Victoria said...

I have had them and they're delicious! For me they're a treat tho because they're so expensive:(

Sylvia said...

For me ice cold watermelon is the only way to go. Since moving to Washington state 10 years ago, Rainier cherries have become a special once in a while treat. They are awesome.

Adrienne said...

My favorite summer fruit is a toss-up between our local Willamette Valley, Oregon strawberries (on right now!) and the raspberries in my backyard. We don't have Rainier cherries but we have the most delicious local cherries that are 'to die for'.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I have never had these cherries, I must though!
I love watermelon, not fancy but delish!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Mmmmm, those cherries look delicious! My favourite fruit is strawberries. Our season here is very short so we enjoy them while we can. Have a wonderful weekend.


Rebecca said...

I've never tried these cherries...not that I know of anyway! But, I'm on a quest now to hunt them down.

About the furniture you commented on my post about...

Never in my life have I come upon such a great deal for such amazing furniture. I PROMPTY moved the French Dresser and Cheset into my TINY master bedroom and I simply love it. OUT came the other French Dresser (it was sweet but only 6 drawers) and the chest of drawers I secretly wasn't all that found of! The room has been transformed by these two darling old pieces. $100 for the five pieces and about $15 worth of paint. Whoot Whoot! Love saving those nickels.

Love your bloggie, Shari. Always my JOY and PLEASURE TO visit. Thanks for visiting me, too!
Love to you~


Cindy said...

I have never heard of Rainier Cherries. But they do sound really good!
My favorite summer fruits are watermelon and musk melon.


I do love cherries..but strawberries are my fave fruit. You have a lovely blog.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh my favorite cherries in the world...Hope all is well in your world in Hooterville my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

jenngga said...

I LOVE THEM!! I am wondering if Publix might still have some... I got two cartons there two weeks ago and we ate them up so fast!