Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Should These Current Decor Trends Be Avoided?

Do any of you remember when HGTV informed us a couple years ago that faux plants were a decorating “no-no” ?  I just laughed…
and kept on using my faux plants and flowers.

I’m always fascinated to read articles about which trends are “hot” … or “not”.  It makes me wonder WHO decides whether a decorating (or fashion) trend is “in” … or “out.”  

According to The Nest editors,  it’s time to reconsider these hot, recent decorating trends.

Trend #1: Antlers

antler decor

antler chandelier  

Trend #2: Taxidermy

(which apparently includes skins used for rugs, pillows etc., as well as vintage taxidermy pieces. )

taxidermy decor taxidermy decor2

Would you display something “stuffed” under the ever-so-popular cloche?

squirrel under cloche

Trend #3: Inspirational Sayings

inspirational quote decor

Trend #4: Decorative Buddha Sculptures

buddha decor

Trend #5: Ghost Chairs 

ghost chair
Trend #6: Poufs

(I have to admit, I had no idea that these Moroccan inspired hassocks were called “poufs.”



Trend #7: Accent Walls


Trend #8: Boutique Hotel Chic

boutique hotel chic decor 

Trend #9: Black Chalkboard Paint

black chalkboard paint trend

If you are curious why they think you should skip these trends, you can read the entire article here.

What do you think?

Do these trends get a “thumbs up” …

or a “thumbs down” ?

Are there any other decorating trends you think have been over-used?


Victoria said...

A stuffed squirrel under glass? Thanks but no thanks!

I actually do really like the little glass table and 2 chairs, that would work really well in my teeny little apartment dining area but I think I'll pass on everything else:)

Dan and Deb said...

TOTALLY agree - ignore the trends, UNLESS it's something you've always loved...

Lisa said...

I am not a Vegan but the animal things are thumbs down. I like Chalk Boards maybe not a whole wall. Accent walls not so much either. The chairs are not good. I guess I really don't like any of it! ;)
Hugs, Lisa

janet said...

Hi Shari, its been a while, blogging has been put on the back burner alot these days. However, I decided to sign in tonight and really enjoyed your topic. It feels as though home decor is returning back to the way it use to be, more timeless pieces and just toss in a couple of trends. I feel this is likely due to the economy and trying to save the enviroment, I love that so many are getting on board with the whole reuse of furniture and items. I know blogging, mags and tv shows have shown me how a piece of ick furniture transforms with a simple paint job. Some of the trends that were mentioned were things i have never liked, ecspecially the horns or a animal stuffed and hung on a wall. I bought two cloches and frankly they frustrate me as i can never find anything that i like to put under I would never do a whole wall in chalkboard paint as I do have to agree, the dust and messiness from the chalk would drive me crazy. I still have two walk talks in our home and do still enjoy them, but for how long im not sure. As for accent walls, it can depend on how and where, I do like a small bit of wallpaper as an accent wall. I have been trying to avoid too many trends and just sticking with what I really enjoy because eventually those trends end up in a yardsale.

Lottie said...

I don't like any of the trends, especially the tired inspirational sayings. I did see a picture of a kitchen where a small wall was painted black above beadboard. This is where the owner wrote her menu or her to do list for the day. But she could have written it on a piece of paper and saved the world from her thinking out loud. So no, don't like any of the trends. Have a good week!

Pink Pig said...

I am not one for following trends as i believe that when decorating your home it is a reflection of who your are... Here in the Adirondacks, Taxidermy is a very bid trend up here as folks love to decorate their cabins with Antler lamps and animal skin rugs... As for me i am all about creating a comfortable living space using both old and new... And yes i love color! Great post.

Rebecca said...

Found your bloggie through Google Connects. SWEET. Promise to come back again.

Now...I'm not crazy about ANY of the things you've shared. I do NOT like the animal thingy under glass (creepy!) nature (no pun intended) tend to stay away from faux animal stuff. I like the real thing.

I MIGHT have a SMALL black board something or other in my home (kitchen?) but thumbs down for me on the clear chairs, pouffy thing and the stick-on wall quotes. Nope, nope, nope. Not for me.

That said...I do LOVE it when people follow their own loves and passions. Each to his/her own.

I'll be back soon.


Rebecca said...

OMGOSH...Now I just have to follow you along! Thank you for visiting!!!!!! You are a girly after my OWN HEART!

Love to you~Rebecca

Cindy said...

Quite honestly, I try to ignore the trends and go with something that is enduring, like antiques. Anything old, never goes out of style. I have loved my old furniture forever and I still do. If we buy into the trends, we are soon selling those costly items at our garage sales or just garbaging them when we realize how ugly they really are.
If I use anything trendy, it's because I got it for free or nearly free.
I have never cared for feature walls and I have never cared for red walls. I have gotten rid of my dusty old faux plants, though, and gladly.
Hugs, CindyS

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Good question!

It seems like every time I have followed a "trend" I tire of it very quickly..... I'm just sticking with the things I love. :-)


Anonymous said...

Yucky on the antlers and taxidermy and fake animal fur or real for that matter! I have Bon Appetite on my dining room wall because I love to eat and entertain, and that's where we all congregate! The poufs are kinda cool I guess. Thanks for giving me something to ponder. I do hope shabby chic doesn't end though, I still love it! marcia

Shelia said...

Hi Shari! Well, I think I'll just stick to want I want to do. These trends are kinda odd, aren't they? Antlers, squirrels under glass, buddahs - no thanks! :)
Thanks so much for popping in to see my pillow. You know, you're right! That would make a cute skirt. Now for me - I'm a little too fluffy! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)