Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sad News

For a very long time, Daughter has wanted to breed her sweet, athletic Warmblood mare, Tango. 

Tango20resized (C&E) camp48 Image007 (C&E)

(There are a couple  additional photos of Tango on my sidebar.)
Now that we have our own farm, it was finally feasible to breed her.
Daughter did a lot of research and chose this beautiful up and coming stallion in Pennsylvania to be the sire.  He is appropriately named “Amazing.” 

Amazing-cornerstonefarmpa photo source 

The artificial insemination “took” on the first attempt and we were very excited at the prospect of  Tango delivering her first foal next April.
All previous vet checks and sonograms in the last couple months revealed Tango was doing well and the pregnancy was progressing normally.  Sadly though, at Tango’s 90 day sonogram earlier this week, it was evident that Tango has miscarried.  :(
At this point, it is rather late in the season to try again so a second attempt to breed Tango to Amazing is planned for early 2011.

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Simple Dimple Primitives said...

So sorry to hear of Tango's miscarriage.
Prayers and horse wishes for Tango and her Prince from Pennsylvania in 2011! {we are in PA}

: )

The Green Pea said...

Sorry to hear that Tango miscarried. I hope that she is healthy and maybe this next time will go better. sandi

Rebecca said...

Very sad for Tango...but I'm feeling another pretty pony will soon be coming your girl's way!


Wendy said...

Oh no :( Im sorry to hear that.

Cindy said...

Not at all great news, eh, hopefully all will go well at the next attempt in 2011. So sorry.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Shari, how very sad. I know your daughter must be disappointed. Hopefully things will go better next year.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

awww, how disapointing and sad.
Thank you so much for your sweet comment on our photo!!!
Have a prety night!