Monday, August 2, 2010

Plantation Shutters and a Few New Pieces of Furniture

Recently, the plantation shutters were installed at the house in Hooterville.  This is one of the bedrooms.

IMG_1847 (E)

The bedroom in the photo below will be the primary guest room.  I decided to make it  pink and girly because any guests we have will most likely be female.  I never can get the pretty soft shell pink wall color in here to photograph accurately. 

IMG_1844 (E)

You can see I have hung a crystal chandelier over the bed.  I took the old brass and crystal chandelier out of the formal dining room, sprayed the brass with primer, then Heirloom White and rehung it in this guest room.  (I will be bringing my mom’s crystal chandelier from my current house to hang in the formal dining room.)
IMG_1022 (C&E)
My hubby just can’t understand the purpose of hanging  a chandelier in the bedroom.  (lol)  But I know YOU get it, don’t you? 
Of course you do!
I also had shutters installed on the bay window in the family room.  This window gets sun exposure all day long and it always felt at least 10 degrees hotter on that side of the room.  Even with the slats open, the shutters have made a huge difference in blocking out the heat! 

IMG_1741 (E)

My new slip-covered sofa  finally arrived and it is so comfy!   It looks a little yellow in this photo but it’s actually a natural/off white colored twill fabric.  I’m not certain if the sofa will stay in front of the bay window, or not.  Once I get the rest of the furniture in this room, I’m sure I will be moving things all around many times  to find the most workable furniture arrangement.
Hubby also picked himself out a leather Lazy Boy recliner for the family room.  Normally, I hate the look of big recliners, and I’m not all that fond of leather either but I didn’t think the style of this chair was too bad.  I actually like the rolled arms and nail head trim.  And leather seemed to be the obvious choice to compliment the rustic stone fireplace wall (which you can see in its entirety here). 

IMG_1843 (C&E)

I recently picked up this little end table on a trip to TJMaxx.  There are actually about 3 places in the house I could use this table so I’m not exactly sure where it will end up.  Again, when I move my furniture from the current house to the house in Hooterville, I think it will be easier to decide where it will work best. 

IMG_1794 (C&E)

Then, when I determine where it will be used, I will be painting it (color also to be determined later) because the pale yellow doesn’t fit in with the color scheme of any of the rooms it is likely to end up in.
Last week  I placed the order for the new kitchen appliances.  I have also chosen my kitchen cabinet builder/remodeling guy.  He has already made me a countertop for the sink wall of cabinets in the laundry room and I’ll be posting photos  soon.   Within the next week or two, I anticipate sitting down with him to work out all of the details of the kitchen remodel so that project can finally get underway.
It has already been  9 (yes, NINE!) months since we bought the house in Hooterville and I can not believe we still are not completely moved in.  Renovating this house and farm has taken far more time,  work (and money) than we ever dreamed.   Some of it has been fun and extremely rewarding.  Other parts of it have been frustrating and downright stressful to the point we were ready to throw in the towel and say, “We can’t do this another day.”   But somehow we manage to keep plugging along.
What an adventure!


Deb said...

It's looking great - hang in there!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the plantation shutters, they are gorgeous. Your chandelier in the bedroom is so pretty. I think it is perfect for the room. Love the new sofa and chair too. Everything is going to be just gorgeous. A lot of work, but oh how fun. Hugs, Marty

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

It is looking beautiful. When do you think you will be moving in? Christmas in the new house?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Shari, I know you are anxious to finish moving in, but it will be much better to get things done before hand. Everything looks lovely, and I know you will enjoy your "country" living once you settle in.


Adrienne said...

I love the way things are coming together and can't wait to see more. The plantation shutters are wonderful - I wish I had them in my windows but that's not to be in the near future. Other priorities, you know. I'd be happy to stay in a girly guest room and, yes, I DO understand the chandelier! You won't regret all the hard work, time and money when you've moved into your wonderful new place. It's so much fun to see the progress. Waiting for more!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello my sweet friend! The shutters look beautiful, and I love the color blue on the walls. Looks like an aqua. Love the couch and chair too. Hubby will be needing a new chair soon too I think.


Cindy said...

Your plantation shutters are gorgeous, they really add a new dimension to all of the rooms. All of your new furniture is also very nice, love the table. I am enjoying watching it all come together.
Hugs, Cindy S

Marilyn said...

The chandelier looks lovely in the bedroom. A friend gave me one and it is in our princess bedroom~if I ever get the laundry put away, it would be a great guest bedroom! Love the shutters, also. ♥♫

Dianna said...


I'm not a drape or curtain person myself, prefer blinds, love plantation shutters. I think they are stylish and functional.