Friday, February 18, 2011

A Media Console and Coffee Table for the Family Room, Finally!

For months…

and months…

and months…

I have been searching for a media console and coffee table for the family room at the house in Hooterville.  I  mentioned in this post how I was really leaning more toward a pine finish rather than a dark finish and how that was severely hindering my ability to find something I liked since darker finishes are definitely more in vogue right now. 

In that post, I even showed some possible table and media console contenders.  But then, for one reason or another,  I vetoed them all  and started looking again.

Finally, I found this for the TV and media equipment from here and fell in love. 

RTG-Belmar Pine Media

As far as I was concerned, this was IT but just as I was all ready to go buy it, hubby decided to get a new, larger TV during the pre-Christmas sales. 

We measured the new TV.  Then we went to RTG and measured the TV console.  Just my luck…the new TV ended up being one-half inch too big to fit into the media cabinet that had stolen my heart!!

ONE-HALF INCH!  ::groan::

Hubby was not amused when I suggested he take his really B-I-G  TV back and trade it for a slightly smaller one.

Back to the drawing board.  I started looking at TV consoles…AGAIN.

About a month ago, I found this Newberry console.  It was a brand spanking new item on the PB website . 

PB Newberry consolephoto source:  Pottery Barn

I didn’t  ♥♥♥  it as much as the other one but it did have possibilities,  namely… 

#1.  The finish was a pine stain. 

#2.  It had plenty of room to hold hubby’s electronic stuff  “components.”  

#3.  There was no enclosed  cabinet to worry about the really B-I-G new TV  fitting into.

So here it sits (with the new really B-I-G TV on it) in the semi-naked family room waiting for hubby to finish setting up the electronic components, and hiding the wires and cords, and me to decide on some art for the walls and other miscellaneous decor.

IMG_2630 (2)


Now what I did ♥♥♥ was the coordinating Newberry coffee table!  

PB Newberry coffee table  photo source:  Pottery Barn

Even though it was so “me,” I ruled it out right away because hubby doesn’t completely share my enthusiasm for white.  We  I already have a lot of white  in the house (white or off-white  furniture in almost every room, white carpet in the formal living/dining room, white kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets etc.)  so I was going to try to steer clear of more white furniture.

But he said he liked it.  In fact, he said he liked it better than the coffee table I was considering.  Huh?   He repeatedly encouraged me to get it.     (Maybe because I didn’t pitch a fit and insist he take back the  B-I-G TV that didn’t fit into the media cabinet I really loved?  Maybe.)

We went to the store, bought the Newberry coffee table, got it home, unboxed it and……..

Ohhhhh nooooo!   It had a big crack in it.   :(

IMG_2626 (2) 

The only other one they had in the store was the floor model and the manager told me it had a crack in it too.   He said it would probably be at least 6 weeks before they would get any more in but he’s suppose to  call me when they arrive.

Two more decorating decisions crossed off the list. 

Only about a “bazillion” more to go.


Willow said...

I completely understand what you are going through. We are going to get a new tv this year and it will not fit into our center. We like the one we have so we plan on redoing it. Will show it on my blog later this year when we redo the Living Room.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh no Shari! What a shame. I like this coffee table too! I like the original media cabinet that you picked better, but the one you have is nice too. I hope you don't get the run around with this new table. Everything is coming together so nice!


Cindy said...

I really like the furniture you are buying and considering, it is very masculine. That coffee table is gorgeous!
Hugs, Cindy

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Did the manager check at the PB in Tampa? Or was that where you found this one. I looked at the same coffee table in the catalog, but ended up finding one that fit our family room at Home Goods in Clearwater!!!! And it was 1/4 the price. So I figured I could buy another one in a few years if it did not hold up. But we ALL really like it. BTW, I am looking for a dark console for our family room but nothing seems to click. Any suggestions on where to look??


Adrienne said...

Oh, do I understand your frustration. I wanted to replace our old entertainment center but had no excuse until our daughter gave us her bigger TV. We talked it over and decided to plan ahead and get the one that would let us 'grow' into a bigger TV when the time came to make that change. I love my new entertainment center - now we're waiting for a reason to upgrade to a bigger TV. Love your new coffee table. Sad you don't have it all together and have to wait. Can't wait to see it when you get the new one.