Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Purple Orchid, the Bathroom Storage Cabinet, and the Next Big Renovation Project

I’m still working on finishing up a few things in  the new bathroom at the house in Hooterville.    Hubby got the pieces of chair rail molding cut for me but I see another trip to Lowe’s in my future before I can get it painted and installed.  I was all set to start painting and remembered I was out of white semi-gloss paint.    Darn!

I still need a towel rack but I’m mulling over ideas for that.  I’d also like to find a piece of art to hang over the toilet but I haven’t seen anything that really grabs me yet.

Something else I have been on the lookout for was some type of flowering plant to add a pop of color.  (A realistic looking faux, of course, since I don’t do live plants.  No  green thumb here, folks.) 

In my head, I was envisioning something in a pretty pink but when I spotted this faux orchid plant at TJMaxx the other day,  the vivid shade of purple  made me stop and do  a double-take. 

IMG_2741 (E)

I wasn’t sure how the reddish purple  was going to look with the bluish gray paint on the walls but I figured if it didn’t work, I could always return it. 

But I think I like it!   The color is different enough from the paint to be interesting and add the pop of color I was looking for.

IMG_2745 (E)

The amazing cabinet guy who built my kitchen cabinets and fabricated the sink and countertop for the vanity in this bathroom  has now finished and installed the custom storage cabinet in here.  Once again, he has outdone himself!   He took the vague ideas I had and was able to turn  them into a beautiful, functional cabinet that seamlessly flows with the rest of the bathroom.   I’m 200% pleased.

IMG_2737 (E) 

With 4 generous sized drawers on the bottom…

IMG_2736 (E) The view from the doorway of the adjoining bedroom

…and 4 adjustable shelves in the upper section, I should have ample storage space for all those bathroom necessities that I want and need to have handy but hate to leave sitting out in plain view.

IMG_2747 (E)

The next (and last) really big inside project on the agenda at the house in Hooterville will be the 3rd bathroom.  The 2 photos below were taken the day we first looked at the house in September 2009. 


Believe it or not, this is considered the MASTER bathroom!  Sad and pathetic, isn’t it?


Bet you’re wondering how I’m going to improve this.

Yeah, me too. 

I do have a few ideas I’m tossing around in my head but it is going to be a challenge, to say the least.  That’s why I’ve saved it for last.


Deb said...

The orchid looks perfect!!

Willow said...

It looks great. Could you tell the name of the bedroom color? I am making plans to paint mine and I love the blue you have.


Late Bloomers said...

Shari, thanks for the info on your kitchen flooring. My mother has a similar product in her house and the reaction to it has been the same.

I LOVE your bathroom, and that cabinet is very nice- would your cabinet guy like to vaca near NYC? After he's finished all your projects, of course! That cabinet is EXACTLY what I want in our Master bath, execution is our achilles heel around here though- that and the denial of our First Time Homebuyers Rebate [long story].

As for you Master Bath... can you put a new wall in so that the entry to the room comes into an alcove [maybe with built in shallow book shelves or something..., and you enclose the whole space that is the tub/toilet area and the vanity? My master bath/bedroom entry is similar to what I am talking about... I can take and post a pic of it if you want?

Anyway... with the looks of what you've already done, I dunno' that you really need any help- you have great taste and ideas!


Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Love the plant, and "My" bathroom looks beautiful!! lol!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great cabinet!! Love the storage space. And wow, I've seen a couple of houses that had the vanity in the bedroom area. Not sure I'm big on that one, but guess it can work. You could take the wall down in the tub area, enclose the vanity area and make a bigger bathroom. Can't wait to see what you create.


Kirby said...

Its looks so fresh and nice! I love the plant in there!

Marilyn said...

Wonderful storage and the plant looks very elegant! ♥♫

Cindy said...

WoW!!! The last bath that you finished is absolutely gorgeous, so I know you will do this one well, too. You are good at this designing and decorating stuff, lady!
Hugs, Cindy

Sarita Boyette said...

Hi, I just found your pretty blog from another that I read. I was reading about your wedding dress & wondered if you ever considered donating it to someone who can use it to make bereavement gowns for infants. Emmazing Grace Foundation accepts gowns. One lady who donates to EGF sews lovely gowns from wedding dresses. Her blog is Kathy's Crochet Cabin. Just a thought - I believe it would be a tax deductible donation.
God bless - Sarita Boyette

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Well, Shari.... You've done a FAB.U.LOUS job on everything you've tackled so I'm certain this will be no exception. :-)

I love your finished bath.... And, what a great cabinetmaker you have! I love the drawers on the bottom....what a great idea. We try to think of everything in the "aging comfort category"....and certainly getting down on your hands and knees to find what was on the bottom shelf at the back does NOT sound like fun.... Drawers were the perfect solution. BRAVO! Love the orchid too...

Glad you've escaped the nasties. My throat feels like there's a knife floating around in there somewhere. OUCH!


EnoughAlready said...

Hi Shari, I love your bathroom makeover. I have a question about the vinyl planks. You said you wished you had used them in other rooms instead of laminate, will you please tell me why. I wanted to put it throughout my house but my nephew insisted it would look bad and hurt the resell value of the house. But laminate can be hard and noisy. Does the vinyl get little marks in it from shoes? Thanks.

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Hi "Enough Already". Thanks so much for your compliment on the bathroom makeover. :)

I'd like to answer your questions via email but you don't have one linked to your profile or comments. Please email me at mycottageofbliss(at)yahoo(dot)com so I can email you back. My opinion of the pros of the vinyl planks and the cons of the laminate are too many to list here. Thanks!