Friday, May 6, 2011

Sometimes It Pays To Be Indecisive

Earlier this week, while I was checking out the HomeGoods store closest to the house in Hooterville,  I spotted a cute wooden bench.  I’m still working on decorating our bedroom and I’ve actually been considering putting  a small scaled bench on  the  short wall next to one side of the bed.


The price tag was $149.99…not a bad price by any means, but still a little more than I wanted to pay, particularly since the dark wood finish was going to require painting to fit in with the light and airy beachy look I’m going for in the bedroom.   The  finish on the bench also had some cosmetic “boo-boos,” which didn’t concern me in the least because  I was planning to paint it anyway, but inasmuch as it wasn’t perfect,  I considered asking if they could do any better on the price.  At best, I just assumed they would probably only knock 5 or 10% off the price so I didn’t even bother to ask.  I just decided to pass on it.

Well, as I’ve so often done when there is something I am indecisive about, once I was home I continued to think about the bench and how perfect it would be for where I want to use it, so yesterday I decided to make a trip back to HomeGoods.  I had made up my mind I definitely wanted it and was prepared to pay full price for it… if it was still there. 

I made a beeline straight for the spot where it had been sitting a couple days before and my heart sank when it wasn’t there.   I scanned the furniture area and spotted it several aisles over.   As I got closer, I realized it now had a big red CLEARANCE tag on it…


SOLD…to me!

Sometimes I get so aggravated with myself when I can’t make a quick decision but hey, I’m a Virgo…through and through to my very core.  Before a Virgo plunges into anything and makes a decision, they need to take their time to analyze, analyze and REanalyze all the facts, know all the details,  consider all the pros and cons.   As a rule, we Virgos are NOT impulsive people.  Fortunately for me, this is one time this frustrating Virgo trait  really paid off,  saving me $50.00!

IMG_3103 (C&E)

The bench really is  the “purfect” size for where I wanted to use it and it will be the “purfect” place to toss the decorative bed pillows at night.  (I don’t like  throwing them on the floor.)    Interestingly, Bitty, our calico kitty,  didn’t have any problems deciding she liked it.  She has given it her seal of approval!

IMG_3105 (C&E)

Now that I’ve made the decision to buy the bench,  I just need to make a decision on  what color I want to paint it. 

Bitty suggested lime green…like her eyes.

IMG_3106 (2)


Marilyn said...

Great looking bench to put pillows. I'm with you-I don't like putting them on the floor, either. ♥♫

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Love the bench and happy that when you went back to buy it, it was on clearance!


Lottie said...

What a beautiful bench! Love it! And a great buy, too!

Marigene said...

Oh, that is a nice bench, it would look great done in cream or white.
Bitty is gorgeous, I have one named Picasso!

Karin said...

Lovely bench! Bitty approves :)
I'm a virgo too, so I know all about that indecisiveness :)