Friday, May 13, 2011

Resuscitation of an Ancient Ironing Board

Even though I’ve still got  painting,  furniture arranging and accessorizing to do, pictures to hang, a partially done front porch,  another bathroom that needs remodeling, and more than a couple boxes to unpack from the move to the house in Hooterville, I recently decided to take a break from all those bigger projects do a little makeover on my ironing board.

I got married eons ago…waaaaay back in 1972 when avocado green, harvest gold  and burnt orange were the popular colors.  One of the wedding presents I received was an ironing board with orange legs.  

Over the years, I’ve changed the cover several times but it was in dire need of being replaced again.   (Tell me, how does the cover manage to get scorched but not the fabric that’s being ironed???)  In fact, with scratched legs, and 2 missing rubber caps on the feet, the whole ironing board was actually looking more than a bit  rough and ragged. 

IMG_3108 (C&E)

For quite a while, I’ve been thinking about  buying a  whole new ironing board…one with pretty white legs…but after all these years, the frame of this one is, believe it or not, still structurally sturdy and stable  so my penny-pinching thrifty self just hadn’t parted with the money yet.

While browsing in  TJMaxx recently, an ironing board cover jumped right into my shopping cart.   It’s  predominately shades of aqua, teal and hot pink. 

IMG_3112 (C&E)

As soon as I put the  new cover on the old frame, it became immediately apparent how badly those orange legs clashed with the cover.  Now in reality, nobody sees my ironing board but me  and I guess it’s not the end of the world if the colors of your ironing board frame and cover don’t compliment each other  but I wasn’t willing to look at those ugly orange legs another day.  Thirty-eight + years was more than enough for me!  ;)

I turned to the ultimate, CHEAP  fix-all…spray paint…in a lovely shade of pink called “Watermelon.”



IMG_3117 (C&E)

This was a quick, easy, fun, and inexpensive  little project.  For the nominal cost of the cover, 4 new rubber feet and some spray paint, I’ve now got an ironing board that is both pretty AND basically good as new.  It should last me another 38 years… give or take  a few. 

IMG_3116 (C&E)

I’m probably going to be away from the computer for the rest  of the month.  Next week the “pink and girly” guest room is having its first guest…a very special guest!  She arrives Tuesday and will be visiting me for a week.    We’re going to have so much fun!  After that, my hubby is taking a couple weeks off from work so we can accomplish some of the projects that still need to be done around the house and barns.

See you soon!

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Marydon said...

That can of paint will solve any problem. My kind of ironing board, for sure.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Have fun and I love the ironing board cover. I don't have my original board, but the one I have is getting old too!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Looks wonderful, love the paint color and ironingboard pad!


Marilyn said...

Spray paint is my kind of paint! ♥♫

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Love it Shari! I am so excited, I can't wait!! The weather here has been beautiful all week. Guess what? It's going to rain for the next week while I am gone. Hope it's not raining when I get there!


TheSuiteLife said...

Love it! I think I'm going to have to be on the lookout for a cute cover, grab my spray paint and revive our ironing board too. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea!

Style File said...

Nice job. I thought I was the only one obsessing over my mismatched legs and cover. A paint job is definately on my "to do" list too. Can I ask where you found the new feet?

FlyAwayHome said...

WOW, never thought of painting my ironing board. Great idea!

Millicent Fitzpatrick said...

Where did you find replacement feet? I need some!