Sunday, August 23, 2009

“Today’s Thrifty Treasures” From Goodwill

This week I certainly didn’t need a truck to haul my Goodwill buys home but, nevertheless,  I was quite pleased  with the two things I did find. 
And neither item needed a makeover, so that is always a plus!
I bought this 14 x 14 inch framed print for $8.00, which I thought was a little on the expensive side for a thrift store…but don’t get me started on those inflated Goodwill prices again!
It was such a unique piece of art, I had to have it, regardless of the price…and even though there are a  few little dings in the frame.

IMG_2590 (C&E)

The background appears to be an actual piece of blue and white ticking fabric with a piece of blue and white toile fabric  layered on top.  Then there is some sort of dimensional cream-colored bouquet mounted in the center.

IMG_2598 (C&E)

It looks like it was specifically made to go with the quilt in my French country cottage inspired guest bedroom/office, which is blue and white toile on one side and reverses to a blue and white ticking. 

IMG_1937 (E)

I really don’t have any wall space left in this room so, for the time being,  I just propped it up on the nightstand but I sort of like it there.

IMG_2593 (2)


My other find was this small floral plate.  I didn’t “need” it, but it was just $1.00 so I wasn’t leaving it behind.  :)

IMG_2601 (C&E)

If you stop over at Rhoda’s, you can see what great Thrifty Treasures other bloggers  found.



Lisa @ akawest said...

That is the prefect piece for your room. The plate is lovely, too.

stefanie said...

gosh, its perfect, i do know what you mean, our goodwill the prices are really high.

Wendy said...

That is really pretty! It looks perfect there!

Oh and I think that nightstand is adorable with it's little fat legs. :)

Lisa said...

Excellent!! You found a real treasure!
Hugs, Lisa

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, the picture goes PERFECT in that room!

I love little Rose plates; and have about 100. I don't need them either, but sure love to eat my toast on one! :)

Sue said...

Shari, That pretty picture has found a home in the perfect spot. I like to do the very same thing, especially when the frame is small and can get lost if not placed with another grouping. Ditto on your opinion of overly high GW pricing. Thrifty is not in the vocabulary of our local stores, either. Love the small plate, too. Where did you purchase your quilt? It is too cute.
:-) Sue

Shelia said...

HI Shari! Oh, love that little picture and how you've propped it up against the wall. The plate is very pretty.
Be a sweetie,

shelia ;)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Shari...I do love this perfect picture for you perfect room...Great find...and we don't have a GW here only our Hospice which I love...always great deals for me...May you have a Grear day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Pink Roses and Teacups said...


that picture is perfect! It's like it was made for the room. Pretty plate too!

marty39 said...

The picture is just beautiful. I love the ticking and toile and the little bouquet is so pretty. What a great find. Also your plate is stunning. I love dishes and I would have had to take it home too. Hugs, Marty

Mary said...

Those are great finds, Shari! The picture is perfect and one of a kind, which I like...and the floral plate is beautiful, too...for only $1, of course, you had to have it! These make lovely additions to your already beautiful home! Have a happy week!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I LOVE the art piece, and I think it's just perfect where you put it. :) Great find!!! Thank you for stopping by. :)

Pam @ This Humble House said...

For a perfect match like that, I would have paid full price! I think you did great! (but I do agree that Goodwill prices things too high!)

~ Pam

stefanie said...

i checked for markings but there are none, she is also hollow, strange, huh

ceekay said...

That framed piece is perfect and I too like it propped on the nightstand...Great GW finds!

D said...

Beautiful find. It matches so good. But what I really like is your pretty, blue lamp! :)

abeachcottage said...

oh it is lovely and the quilt is gorgeous!


Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

What a lucky find! It's beautiful & the nightstand is the perfect place for it.

I came out of GW empty handed this week - but I did drop off 2 ottomans. ☺ Diane

Barb said...

That framed piece is unique and wonderful and I love it.

I think it looks great right where you put it.
thanks for sharing.'
barbara jean

Six in One Hand said...

What a perfect find! I like the frame on your nightstand. I think it's the perfect touch!

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Very pretty! It looks like it was made for the room and looks amazing with the quilt. Love the plate, too.


Cindy said...

I love the picture that you got at GW. It is perfect with your guest rm. It looks perfect where you put it. I would leave it there, if it were me. Hugs, Cindy S

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,
I love that little framed print, it is soo pretty! I also like how it looks propped up on your nightstand. TFS! Sheila

Vintage Amethyst said...

I love the picture, I love it propped up too I always love to just prop things up that way it is easy to change things around!

Gretchen said...


I love your two special finds and they go perfectly in your house.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Great finds! I really like the ticking/toile piece sitting on the dresser like that.