Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Going at a Snail’s Pace

Finally, after much preparation and anticipation on my part, and a few delays I had no control over, my crown molding project is underway!
Maybe it’s because I’m anxious to have it completed, but it seems to be going sooooooo slow.  It was suppose to be started and finished last week but the job is running about a week behind schedule.  I won’t bore you by expounding on all of the setbacks but I will tell you, Yours Truly was an assistant to the carpenter one day.  I held up the long pieces  of molding while he nailed them to the wall.  :)
Here’s my carpenter, Neal, hard at work.   He’s doing a fantastic job.  He’s very, very meticulous.

IMG_2401 (C&E)

In addition to getting a peek at the crown molding here, you can also see the new paint color…a pretty sage green called ”Mountain Haze,” which is a Behr (Home Depot) color, but it’s color-matched and mixed in Valspar (Lowe’s) paint.
There are also  a couple other projects I’m working on as time permits but none of them are completed enough to show you photos…
     #1. The color makeover on my bathing beauties has been started but I haven’t had time to finish them.
    #2.  I’m still looking for art that “speaks” to me, and the right accessories,  for my beachy bedroom re-do.
    #3  This past weekend, my husband helped me with a project that I’m really excited about.  It involves new drawer pulls and the beadboard-looking wallpaper that Rhoda posted about
IMG_2407 (C&E)
Trust me, after my recent frustrating fiasco of removing wallpaper, I am NOT  (no way!) putting more wallpaper on the wall!   But, I will say, this beadboard wallpaper is absolutely awesome and the sky is the limit on ways you could use this stuff!  If I have any left over after I finish my primary project, I have some other uses for it in mind.
As if I don’t already have enough going on,  my main computer, my favorite computer, the one with all the really important stuff…my photos, Windows Live Writer, and all my bookmarked favorite blogs and websites…has been intermittently cranky/ill.   It appears it just needed some driver updates so, we’ll see if that really fixes the problems.
But in addition to  having the carpenter here 8 hours a day,  an unreliable computer has hampered my ability to do much blog reading over the last 5 to 7 days.  I think I’m going into withdrawal not being able to visit all my favorite bloggers!   It really drives me nuts wondering what kinds of good stuff you are posting about that I’m missing out on!   Hopefully, I’ll be around to catch up with everyone soon.
And hopefully I will be able to show you several  finished projects before long too!


Gayle said...

Hi Shari,
It sounds like lots is happening at your house. I love that color green. So light and pretty.
I didn't know they made beadboard wallpaper now. Geez, they have everything now-a-days, don't they?
And, let me tell you, a good carpenter is worth their weight in gold!! You lucked out there.
Hang in and your home will be even more beautiful than it is now!

Kammy said...

Looking good ! So happy you have a carpenter who really cares what your final result is...takes a while but,you will be happy !
Hugs ~ Kammy
p.s. I need some of that beadboard paper too - I agree there are lots of non wall projects to use it for !

ButterYum said...

The crown moulding looks great! Can't wait to see how you use the beadboard wallpaper.

Anita said...

Love the color and the crown molding looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Rue said...

Hi Shari :)

It looks like you have a lot going on and it looks beautiful so far!

I'm sorry about your computer. I just had the same problem and now I'm trying to figure out how to get all my old stuff off of it.

Thank you for sharing the story about your daughter and her love of horses. Yes, Annie loves them too, but the funds are not available for me to support such an expensive habit ;)